Air & Gas Compressors


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Air & Gas Compressors


Since 1982 Guarniflon is focused on the processing of PTFE resins into semi-finished and engineered parts, including high-performance PTFE compounds used in a large variety of industrial applications.
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Guarniflon R & D Dept. together with its technical team is in the position to face the increasing demand for high-quality products to be used in all applications where the working conditions are considered “extreme” and where PTFE grades are the unique choice to fulfil special technical requirements.

Compressor applications have been managed, from the very beginning, taking advantage of Guarniflon strong material science and engineering know-how, in order to offer the most suitable PTFE grades according to the specific operating conditions. The role of Guarniflon R&D dept. has been particularly important to develop this special PTFE product family.

For a range of applications, the filled PTFE family provides a superior self-lubricated material with excellent strength, high hardness and improved wear resistance by combining PTFE with optimized content of fillers. Guarniflon has developed in the years very special formulations by selecting the most performing filler materials, to enhance sliding and self-lubricating properties while granting longer lifetimes, especially in dry gases applications.

GCS grades are available in molded tubes length 150 mm. and machined parts according to customers’ drawings.


A propriety PTFE based sealing material, recommended for oil-free natural gas applications, H2S containing gases and carbon dioxide. It boasts better lubricity properties and can be used in lubricated conditions.
Standard PTFE grade suitable for low-pressure air and gas compressors. This material is recommended for lube and non-lube conditions and one of the most used grades. It is resistant to most chemicals.
Thanks to its special fillers, it boasts better thermal conductivity than other PTFE filled grades. Recommended for non-lubricated high temperature and high-pressure wet air compression applications systems such as PET compressors, with working temperatures up to 200 ° C.
One of the most used PTFE grades applied in oxygen compressors and dry gas compressors. It can be used in dry or lubricated conditions according to the kind of gas environment.
PTFE based compound with optimized content of glass fiber filler. It can be used in lubricated as well as in dry-running service according to the kind of gas environment. Developed for the applications where the colour of the product should be white.
PTFE based material with better thermal conductivity than carbon and glass filled PTFE compounds. well performing in heavy duty PET compressors at non-lubricated conditions.
Proprietary polymer alloy for use on non-lubricated gas compressors, extremely high performance in non-lubricated application than traditional PTFE compound. Well performing with bone-dry gases with a very low dewpoint.
Advanced PTFE material with specially optimized content of polymeric fillers which is proven for inert gases at bone-dry gas conditions. Suitable for compressor applications with dry nitrogen, dry argon or dry helium environments working at low – medium pressures. It has excellent wear resistance.


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